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3 Dogs took their first placements in the open division at Silver Dollar on 3.25.17!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Luke, owned & handled by Randy Cunningham won the A field.  This was Luke's second trial he ran in!

Babe, owned & handled by Jay Howard took her first 1st placement in B field at Silver Dollar on 3.25.17

Indy, owned & handled by Joe Giacomoni took his first placement in a NSTRA trial at Silver Dollar on 3.25.17.  Indy placed 3rd in the A field.


Silver Dollar 3.25.17 OPEN A Field

1st Luke/Randy Cunningham, 2nd Jewel/Ron Simmons


1st Babe/Jay Howard, 2nd Toby/Randy Cunningham, 3rd Rocky/Junior Shouse

Mahoney Farms 3.11.17


1st Apple/Tytus Rudd, 2nd Abby/Greg Mulberry, 3rd Jack/Dave Abney


Jim/owned&handled by Scott Townsend took a 2nd place which was his first placement in a NSTRA trial.

Silver Dollar 3.5.17 A Field OPEN

1st Twist/owned by Meaghan Rotundo/handled by Tom Rotundo

This was Twist's first 1st placement!

Silver Dollar 3.5.17 B Field OPEN

Skeeter/owned&handled by Ron Simmons took 2nd place

Silver Dollar 3.5.17 A Field AMATEUR

1st Babe/Jay Howard, 2nd Rowdy/Ron Simmons, 3rd Nelson/Matt Carey

Silver Dollar 3.5.17 B Field AMATEUR

1st Babe/Jay Howard, 2nd Rowdy/Ron Simmons, 3rd Elvis/Gary McIntosh


Congratulations to Rick Baraone and his young setter, Squirt.  She took her first 1st placement in the amateur division on 3/4/17!


Silver Dollar 3.4.17 A Field OPEN

1st Abby/Dick Motz, 2nd Sammie/Dick Motz (Deb Karasek pictured) 3rd Kate/Bert Scali

Silver Dollar 3.4.17 B Field OPEN

1st Denver/owned by Sandra Lansdell/handled by Roger Lansdell, 2nd Jewel/Ron Simmons

Silver Dollar 3.4.17 A Field AMATEUR

1st Rommel/Larry Lint, 2nd Lucky/Rick Barone, 3rd Nelson/Matt Carey

Silver Dollar 3.4.17 B Field AMATEUR

1st Squirt/Rick Barone, 2nd Nelson/Matt Carey, 3rd Jolena/John Harbison



Silver Dollar 2.5.17 A Field

1st Place: Sammie/owned & handled by Dick Motz

2nd: Skeeter/Ron Simmons, 3rd: Zeke/Rod Howard, 4th: Patch/Jack Nutter

Silver Dollar 4.5.17 C Field

1st: Zeke/Rod Howard, 2nd Rascal/Roger Lansdell, 4th Denver/Sandra Lansdell pictured

Silver Dollar 2.4.17 A Field

1st Bo/Dave Abney, 2nd Jack/Dave Abney(Jack Nutter pictured) 3rd Jewel/Ron Simmons

Silver Dollar 2.4.17 C Field

1st: Crash/owned by Greg Mulberry & handled by John Gillespie

3rd: Twist/owned by Megan Rotundo & handled by Tom Rotundo, 2nd Jewel/Ron Simmons


Silver Dollar 12.3.16 A Field

1st: Jules/owned & handled by Deb Hronek

Rod Howard handled both his dogs to a placement: Zeke 2nd and Patch 3rd

Silver Dollar 12.3.16 B Field

Dick Motz took 1st with Abby & 3rd with Sammie, Jim Mahoney got 2nd with Jake

Silver Dollar 12.4.16 A Field

Once again, Rod Howard handled his Zeke dog to 1st place, Don Stir and Beanie 2nd, & Deb Hronek and Marcy took 4th

Silver Dollar 12.4.16 C Field

Junior Shouses young setter Rocky took 1st place in this field.  This was also Rocky's first placement in a NSTRA trial. CONGRATULATIONS

Tom Rotundo finished the placements in the field with his dog Lily, 2nd & Race 3rd

Silver Dollar Sportsmans Club trial results from November 5, 2016:

Macy/owned & handled by Bob Vibonese Sr. took her first 1st placement in the open division.  Congratulations to this hard working team.

Watch out for this team!  Jack/owned & handled by Larry Rouch took 3rd place in the open division the first time he every ran a trial!

Now this dog knows when to take it easy!  After winning the Dog of the Year, Dash and owner/handler Tom Rotundo took 1st place, 2nd with Lily and 3rd with Race.  Swept the field!  Congratulations Tom and your team!

Starting off the season in the amateur division:

1st Ben/Dimitri Tsokanta, 2nd Fergie/Don Stir (does't that look like a short hair guy holding that setter?), 3rd Babe/Jay Howard (this was Babe's first trial too)

1st Fergie/Don Stir(Rod Howard pictured),  2nd Babe/Jay Howard,  3rd Rommel/Larry Lint

Ohio Fundraiser 10.8 & 10.9.2016

Congratulations to Zeke, owned/handled by Rod Howard for his 2nd place on Saturday and his 1st place on Sunday!

Toby, owned/handled by Randy Cunningham took a 2nd place on Sunday.

Tily, owned by Gary McIntosh/handled by John Gillespie took a 3rd place on Sunday.

Ozzy with owner/handler Nate Yoder was 4th on Sunday.

Mahoney Farms 9.24.2016

1st Philmore/owned by M.Mulberry handled by A.McCandless, 2nd Toby/owned & handled by Randy Cunningham, 3rd Blue/owned by M.Mulberry handled by A.McCandless

Mahoney Farms 9.18.2016

Skeeter/owned & handled by Ron Simmons took 1st place.

Mahoney Farms 9.17.16

Jake/owned & handled by Jim Mahoney took 1st place and took 3rd place on 9.18.16

King/owned & handled by Jim Mahoney took 2nd place and also 4th on 9.18.16

CONGRATULATIONS TO TILLY/owned by Gary McIntosh and handled by John Gillespie who took a third placement at the Mahoney Farms trial which made her a 1x NSTRA CHAMPION

Ohio Region Pig Roast

1st Jay/Brian Boals 2nd Red Mickeal Mulberry


4 Belt Buckles were presented to the top 4 dogs placing in the Region Elimination trrial.   Happy to accept were Jim Mahoney, owner & handler of Jake, Region Champion, Randy Cunningham, 1st runner up was Casper, owner.  Casper was handled at the Trial by Junior Shouse, 2nd runner up was Randy Cunningham, owner & handler of Toby, and 3rd runner up was Dick Motz, owner & hander of Abby

Congratulations to the top 6 at the Ohio 2016 Region Elimination

1st and Region Winner: Jake/Owned & handled by Jim Mahoney, 2nd Casper/Owned by Randy Cunningham & handled by Junior Shouse, 3rd Toby/Owned & handled by Randy Cunningham, (Suvoyee Rudd pictured) 4th Abby/owned & handled by Dick Motz, 5th Mandy/Owned & handled by Randy Cunningham, 6th Tilly/Owned by Gary McIntosh & handled by John Gillespie

5/7/16 Region Qualifiers A Field

1st Tilly/Owned by Gary McIntosh & handled by John Gillespie, 2nd Trip/Owned & handled by Chase Shouse

2016 Region Qualifiers B Field

1st Maci/Owned & handled by Jack Nutter, 2nd Marcy/Owned & Handled by Deb Hronek, 3rd Casper/Owned by Randy Cunningham & handled by Junior Shouse